Gunship Battle Download

Gunship Battle is an app designed for Android and iOS systems. It's a helicopter simulation game with an emphasis on air combat, meaning you get to shoot things with it. Your goal is to take out the enemy with airship guns and finish each level without being shot down yourself.

Gunship Battle


Title: Gunship Battle
Developer: JOYCITY
Year: 2015
Genre: Action, Flying, Combat
Platforms: Mobile
Downloads: Android / iPhone

There are few things that will make you feel like more of a badass than riding in a battle helicopter. After all, those mounted guns look pretty cool tearing up the battlefield with high-powered rounds. Unfortunately, unless you're an Air Force pilot, you probably won't get near an actual army helicopter. That's where Gunship Battle comes in.


Unlimited ammo? Yes, please! Gunship Battle lets you fire off as many rounds as you want in a level. The downside is that you have to wait a few seconds after emptying a clip, so don't run out when you're in the middle of taking down an anti-aircraft gun. It won't end well for you. The touchscreen controls are fairly simple to use, though the actual flying of the helicopter is done by tilting your phone or tablet. They can get a bit touchy, though. Try making only minimal movements to avoid overcompensating.

You start off the game with a basic helicopter called “Little Bird.” She's nothing special, but she'll get you where you need to go. You can upgrade your helicopter as you earn more points by completing missions and getting achievements. One of the first things you'll want to improve is your health bar. You don't get much of one when you start out, and taking heavy enemy fire may result in a quick end to the level. However, green health symbols appear at random throughout the level to heal you mid-flight. They appear most often after you blow something up, so use your unlimited ammo to its full advantage.

The upgrades are pretty awesome – if you've got the credits, that is. Renting a more advanced helicopter can go as high as $30,000 for three missions. The rewards you get for completing missions don't bring in a lot of dough, especially if you repeat a mission. Practice makes perfect, but it doesn't make you rich. Buying new helicopters can also clean out your in-game bank account, although not as fast as renting a Hind will.


Gunship Battle is a blast in more ways than one. The graphics are pretty stellar for an app, and you can even play the game offline when you're without an internet connection. Attention to detail was clearly a priority when the game's creators developed this app. The audio adds depth to already amazing visuals; you can easily immerse yourself in hours of gameplay without realizing how time goes by. Upgrades and in-game purchases give the player some extra motivation to complete missions. We're still stuck on the unlimited ammo.